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Daikin Smash FTM SERISE-R32 FTM09NV2S.

DAIKIN SMASH FTM SERIES This New Air Cleansing R32 was first launched with the new extra option for liquid air R32. The beneficial is of efficiency for air cooler, which is no harm to the environment and within the most reasonable price comparing to the quality and options of Daikin air conditioning.

  • Daikin created the new liquid air to use for the first time which element of air cleaners does not harm to the generally environment and the ozone level that mostly affect to global warming.
  • High Cooling Capacity R32 is the most powerful cooling system, which gives more cooler feeling that speed up cooler and saving electricity than previous liquid air. Furthermore, it is more powerful of making cooler air, and also reduce hard work of the compressor.
  • This machine is quietly working because there is some special type of propeller inside the machine.
  • Mode of speeding up for effectively cooler in a time while you feel cooler.
  • PE Fin It is coating to protect corrosion from being harm environment. It is durable and strong machine.
  • DAIKIN is 5 stars of saving electricity. Daikin Air Conditioning is serviced byCompressor 5 years warranty, and 1 year warranty of machine parts.

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