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Air Misubishi MS-GL13VF version ECONO.

น้ำยาแอร์ R32 (New Air 2016)


  • “Dual Barrier Coating” is elemented inside air conditioning as pieces, in order to reduce the adhesion of dust and germs mixed in the air.
  • “Nano Platinum Filter” Air filter with small platinum particles which helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and bad odor.
  • “Air Cleanning Filter” is the static sheet purifier to protect dust and germs.
  • “Econo Cool” saves electricity in household for around 20%
  • “Powerful Cooler” makes speed up for air cooling.
  • “Fuzzy Logic” controls temperature inside the room.
  • “Auto Restart” The system automatically turned on after the power failure.
  • Automatic time schedules to turn ON/OFF within 12 hours.
  • there is no harm for refrigerant, atmosphere on the ozone level, and it also helps to reduce warning of global effect.
  • Compressor 5 years warranty, cool coil equipped 3 years warranty, and the machine parts within 1 year warranty of machine parts.

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